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Updating to a new operating system can be confusing at times. You may not know the cost, problems related to updating, or what’s new! Here are 5 reasons you should update to Windows 10!

1. It’s Free

For the first year after its release, Windows 10 is free to Windows 7 and 8 computers. Who doesn’t like free? To update to Windows 10 make sure all of your available updates are installed. Once up to date, you should be automatically prompted to update to Windows 10. If you are having trouble Contact us for help!

5 Reasons to Update to Windows 10 2. Windows 10 is Faster

Windows 10 is faster than Windows 8 and significantly faster than Windows 7. We have seen boot times of just over 15 seconds on some newer Windows 10 machines. Windows 10 includes the new Microsoft Edge browser which is more secure, extra stable, and faster than Internet Explorer. DirectX 12 is included in Windows 10 which is a major improvement geared for gamers. Overall Microsoft really focused on fine-tuning Windows to get it running better than ever before!

3. The Start Menu is Back

With Windows 8, Microsoft forced its unwanted “Metro” start screen on us. In the beginning, many users had problems figuring out many simple tasks such as shutting down their computers. Windows 8 has progressively received improvements but is still a huge learning curve for most Windows users. Windows 10 brings back the old start menu we all know and love but includes a side of tiles which is way more functional than ever before.

5 Reasons to Update to Windows 10 4. Secure and Stable

Windows 10 continued secure boot which was introduced with Windows 8. This blocks non-Microsoft programs from loading upon startup. Programs in Windows 8 were able to bypass this security feature though, so in Windows 10 it is unavoidable. This should keep out a lot of pesky start-up viruses, malicious code, etc.

5. Touch Screen and Keyboard Friendly

Windows 7 was keyboard and mouse-friendly. Windows 8 was touch-screen friendly. Now with Windows 10, you will have an awesome experience whether you use a keyboard and mouse or touch-screen input. This is wonderful because Windows should not be an operating system that is one-size-fits-all. Now if you are surfing the web on your tablet in the living room or working on a major work project, you are confident Windows 10 is geared to work with you!

5 Reasons to Update to Windows 10 Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to help answer any questions you have about Windows 10!

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